The Trees

I need not watch the weather

for the trees

tell me

when the rain is coming,


flipping their leaves 

upside down-

their surrender

an enabler to their nourishing.


I knew I should not be feeling lonely

because the trees invited me

to put on my rain boots

and join them,


so I replaced my bed with the grass

and nurtured the storm that spewed from my eyes,

as I embraced the cleanse of the stress 

formerly impeded on my spirit.


I finally, no longer feared the rain

and lifting my arms up to the heavens,

I surrendered my soul

to the Universe.


And as the sun returned to his home 

beside his friends, the clouds,

together, they welcomed all colors to join them

in a dance of gratitude across the sky.


And I swear

I had grown as tall as the trees.


                         _angelica marie



I was made for sunsets and flowers

to be a sister, a daughter, and a friend

to love and to be loved

and to be one in which others can depend.


I was made to speak my truth

to befriend trees and be one with the earth

to help others appreciate the beauty

and to be sure all children know of their worth.


I was made for the day my sister went off to college

and the day my puppy found his way back home

I was made to make sure that though pain exists

no one has to go through it alone.


I was made for laughter and tears

for sarcasm and of course, a good joke

for mountain peaks and waterfalls

for serving others, (even when it leaves me broke).


I was made to do one thing every day that scares me

to sit in awe of light pollution-less night skies

to dream and be continuously inspired

as I wait in gratitude for the next day’s sunrise.


                                _angelica marie

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He stood with his hands folded

across his chest

as if creating a shield around his ribs-

an additional barrier to his heart 

folding and unfolding 

as if trying to decide 

if she was worth the surrender.


He loved her-

he always had

but to feel love was one thing

and to be in love was another

and to come to terms

with the acceptance of both

let alone admit such realities

was a terrifying endeavor. 


They both lived for adventure

though her only true adventures 

seemed to happen when she was with him-

they were the kind of experiences 

one can only experience

when they are with 

the person

they love.


When he was driving

she loved to stare at his face

and watch his eyes

like the green blankets of Maine

while in the midst of concentration 

meet her in their corner 

and break a smile –

it was her favorite game to play.


She loved him-

she always had

but to feel love was one thing

and to suddenly be in love was another

and to come to terms

with the acceptance of both

let alone admit such realities

was a terrifying endeavor. 


                               _angelica marie


Well, I’m underdressed 

she thought,

Surrounded by other women

with glistening, highlighted cheeks

and cleavage to their drawn on brows. 


She sat with a rum and coke in hand,

not her favorite,

but pineapple juice could have confirmed

her apparent innocence,

Her long lashes and freckles remaining

untouched by society. 


He kept staring at her

from across the bar

as if in sync with her thoughts-

He too,

acknowledging that 

there was no place for her here. 


Who is he to judge me?

she questionably glared, 

judging herself,

As he rose from his chair 

making his way towards her.


“Hey miss” 

he said, pausing for a breath. 

“I’m sorry,

but you 

are absolutely  



                               _angelica marie

A subway conversation 

As the subway enters the station

I prepare my music just loud enough 

so I can meditate on the words that sing 

without hindering my ability 

to hear a voice 

should it need a friend. 


When I enter and look around the car

it saddens my spirit

that we all act as strangers

when we are all someone’s child

avoiding eye contact in every way

as if to avoid a chance to say “I see you” or 

“you exist.”


Today a baby gazed around 

as he grasped his naked foot

and rubbed his nose, fussing 

and crying over something 

until his eyes like Caribbean water 

met mine

and instantaneously 

we united in laughter. 


Minutes passed 

and others joined in

this baby boy filling a train 

with more conversation 

than words had ever dared



And when his dad 

walked him out at 59th St Columbus circle 

he turned back to see me one last time

his eyes sternly meeting my soul

as if to say

 “remember what I told you.”
                               _angelica marie


And I may still not know where my home is

but I sense belonging under the stars

reaching the mountain’s peak 

in the park befriending trees

or appreciating a flower on the sidewalk.


I find comfort in a blanket of sand

where the waves echo the peace I feel 

despite the      S


       h             O


that ripples out from the very tips of my toes and sends vibrations of uncertainty 

met with certainty,

that I am not alone 

                                     in this beautiful,



                               _angelica marie